About us

Logo DRW Soluciones We're lojanos professionals offering services with free software like Drupal and GNU/Linux, we are in the market since 2008, from a group of computer enthusiasts in order to meet market needs with products and services of high quality and low cost, through the use of Free Software. Our main objective is to ensure quality products and services in the shortest possible time, with total customer satisfaction, we actively collaborate in open source communities such as Drupal and GNU / Linux, we have participated as organizers, exhibitors and sponsors events in communities local, national and international. We firmly believe in the philosophy of free software as a potential tool for growth and stability, we believe in sharing knowledge and feedback provided by this software.

We take special care in managing our brand, because it is synonymous with trust, effectiveness, safety, productivity, innovation and above all QUALITY.

Because THINK BIG, because we DRW SOLUTIONS!